PO Box 707, Hays, KS 67601, US

Colton D. EIkenberry, Attorney at Law in Hays

Our Services Include:

Criminal Defense and DUI

Colton has a great working relationship with the Judges and Prosecutors in this half of Kansas. He can negotiate your case and guide you through the system efficiently and fairly. He can also try your case before a Judge or a Jury if necessary. If you are seeking a Diversion, Colton can help you apply.

Child Custody Issues

Colton has over 20 years experience in Child Custody Issues.  He has the contacts and knowledge to solve your problems and help you secure a legally binding agreement with your child's other biological parent.


Colton has guided many men and women through the emotional and complicated process of Divorce. He is compassionate and tough when it comes to helping you get a fair outcome.

Contracts and Leases

Colton has written and modified many legal contracts and leases over the years. If you need an agreement that will be binding in a Court of Law, let us know.


Colton has handled several Adoptions including;  Agency Adoptions, Private Adoptions and Step-Parent Adoptions. This paperwork intensive process requires a working knowledge of the system. We can help.


In some cases, you can have your criminal record expunged after a certain waiting period. Let Colton help you determine if you qualify for an Expungement and clear up your record for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for services?

In most cases, A consult is required for Colton to get a feel for your issue. This can be done by phone or in person. Once he feels like you both understand your needs, He will quote a retainer. The retainer will be due in full before services begin.

What is a Retainer Fee?

A retainer fee is based on a "best guess" of how much time  it will take to get through your case. Once Colton determines the time he might need to complete your case, he will ask for a sum of money to deposit into his Client Trust Account. All funds will sit in this account until they are earned by Colton, at which time, he will provide you with an invoice and withdraw the earned amount. The money is still yours until it is earned. If he gets to the end of your retainer and the case is not complete, Colton will ask for another retainer to continue the case. If he completes the case early and money is left in the Trust account, that money will be returned to you promptly. 

Will I need to have the entire retainer to begin my case?

Yes, in almost all cases, Colton will require the full sum to be deposited before he begins work on your case. He understands this is a hardship and will wait for you to gather the funds needed. Other arrangements can be made in very special circumstances. Colton would have to hear your proposal and make that choice. It is the industry standard that all retainers be paid in full before an Attorney will begin work on your case. 

How can I get funds to your office?

We accept Cash, checks and credit/debit card payments. A Release form must be signed before any card transaction can take place. Contact us for this form. Payments can be mailed to:

Colton D. Eikenberry

Attorney at Law

PO Box 707

Hays, KS  67601

I do not see a physical address for your office. Why?

At this time, Colton does not keep a physical business address. You can reach him at the numbers listed on the HOME PAGE and he will make arrangements to meet with you, If needed. Staff is available to take your call during business hours. Please leave a message if we cannot get your call. We will return your call.

What will my attorney need to start my case?

In addition to the retainer fee, Colton will need all the paperwork pertaining to your case. This might include any court documents from a past case, any tickets or paperwork given to you by a police officer or any supporting evidence that will help Colton complete your case. It is your responsibility to fill out all paper work in full and provide every item that is requested of you. The More you can provide for Colton, The quicker and more efficiantly he can help you.